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DARR is Rahul's (Shahrukh Khan) story whose love and obsession for Kiran (Juhi Chawla) frees him from all fears of life and death. It is Sunil's (Sunn...

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DARR is Rahul's (Shahrukh Khan) story whose love and obsession for Kiran (Juhi Chawla) frees him from all fears of life and death. It is Sunil's (Sunny Deol) story, whose enduring love and passion for Kiran gives him the courage to face the fear of death. It is Kiran's story caught between one man's love and another man's obsession. She fears one and fears for the other.
Darr part -1 https://youtu.be/JKGpp-zr_yM
ScreenAnarchy in which I give regular folks a peek at some of my favorite crazy Indian films. I've been writing about Indian cinema here since 2010, and I've gotten a lot of the same questions over and over again, and this column will be my way of answering those questions. Indian cinema is as varied as any other regional cinema in the world. If you want action, romance, thrillers, horror, drama, they've got it, and most likely all in the same film. I don't hesitate to answer questions when they are posed to me, but I thought that this column would be a better way to both give out recommendations and shine a light on the best of Indian films.

The first question is usually get, "how did you get into Bollywood?" That answer is pretty easy. Like many of you, I've spent years seeking out films from all over the world; Asia, Europe, South America, you name it, I was trying to find the local flavor. One day it occurred to me that the one nation on Earth with the biggest film industry was completely foreign to me, so I popped in a film called Om Shanti Om and I was hooked. Since then I've been digging deeper and deeper into the cinematic culture of India. There are thousands of gems waiting to be discovered by film fans in the west, and I've only scratched the surface myself. This column seems like a good way to explain why I love these films so much, and also, a way to help answer the second question I get most often.

"I've always wanted to check out Bollywood, but there's just so much, where do I start?" Well, you can start here. I was a reader of ScreenAnarchy long before I was a writer for the site, so I think I have a pretty good grip on what we like. The films I feature in Masala Madness will be the best, craziest, most absurd and/or best of Indian cinema. Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, they'll all be represented here. I'll try to seek out the best of all of the industries, and highlight independent films when appropriate. India cranks out upwards of eight hundred films every year, so I know it can be intimidating, but let me be your guide, and I'll help make the impossibly overwhelming a bit more doable. If you're avoiding Indian cinema, you're missing out on a wealth of fantastic film, and I can't have that.

I'm starting off with one of my favorite Bollywood films of the very fruitful '90s, Darr. This film has everything, and it is a perfect example of why I love Indian cinema. These reviews will be peppered with editorializing, photos, video clips, and less than formal writing, but I hope that I can convey the joy that Darr gives me. Enough explanation, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you DARR: A Violent Love Story!
Ilaka movie spoof - https://youtu.be/i0pKyeBl8m0
Jeena sirf mere liye - https://youtu.be/FEHLLQ1TOa4

Kiran (Juhi Chawla) is a college girl who is on her way home for Holi break one year when she hears a man serenading her across her campus in Simla. Her heart swells as she assumes that her boyfriend, Sunil (Sunny Deol), has come to meet her and escort her home. Unfortunately for her, it wasn't Sunil, but Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan), a classmate with an overdeveloped crush on her. This opening number, Jaadu Teri Nazar, sets the tone for Darr, in which Rahul pursues Kiran with increasingly desperate vigor, much to the chagrin of Kiran, Sunil, and her brother Vijay (Anupam Kher) and his wife Poonam (Tanvi Azmi) which whom Kiran lives. Jaadu Teri Nazar is a beautiful song, which is part of the reason it is so creepy when sung to the confused Kiran on her campus. However, those keeping a close eye on the lyrics will be able to tell that they are in for a ride...

Kiran boards the train back home, disappointed that her Sunil didn't show up to escort her, but we soon learn why. Sunil is a Navy hero, a proper badass, and to illustrate this point, he's sent on a mission to free a child hostage from some unnamed terrorists on the high seas. With the help of a badass doo-rag, a couple of guns, and a big fucking knife, Sunil manages to take out at least a dozen machine-gun toting terrorists without breaking a sweat. His actions are accompanied by some tasty guitar licks and and a couple dozen lackies who appear to be attached to this mission solely to cheer Sunil on. The end result is that Sunil is put forward as the ultimate macho man for whom a pesky little thing like a stalker should be a piece of cake, and watching this video, you can see why...
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