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From my new virtual event series "Lights. Camera. Safety", CEO of Francoise Acting Studio Antigua/Barbuda Miss. Francoise Bowen hosted a vir...

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From my new virtual event series "Lights. Camera. Safety", CEO of Francoise Acting Studio Antigua/Barbuda Miss. Francoise Bowen hosted a virtual event with newly installed General Manager & Film Commissioner of Film TT Ms. Leslie Ann Wills-Caton. Film TT is a Film Company Limited from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago.
Ms. Leslie Ann as Film Commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago, shared vital information needed for Antigua/Barbuda film, television, and entertainment industries and for all our Caribbean brothers and sisters within this industry what Film TT offers and more. A filmmaker from Maryland, USA, sent a private message via e-mail to me with request for it to be shared who was unable to attend the event- Mr. William Clarke wrote "the pandemic has created the opportunity for the islands, its low covid-19 cases and close proximity to the U.S could be a win win for you all for shooting films and tourism. You have beaches, mountains and small towns. It's perfect for Hollywood and even Tyler Perry. A few incentives, they will come."

Below about Ms. Leslie Ann from from
Port of Spain, 16th June, 2020: The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company Limited (FilmTT) has appointed a new General Manager, Leslie-Ann Wills-Caton, who has commenced her new role as at Monday 15th June 2020.
Leslie Ann Wills-Caton is a film and event professional with over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry and is the owner and founder of FIXERfilm Limited in Trinidad and Tobago. She has managed numerous feature films, facilitated for international productions and collaborated on several documentaries and commercials.

She has co-produced the feature film Grace & Saleem (2019), produced The Hike (2019), and several other short form narratives under the FIXERfilm brand. In 2019 she launched the first Film & Folklore Festival focusing on local folklore, traditions and beliefs and partnered with 120N 610W Film Festival showcasing a Caribbean Film Night in Brooklyn (September 2019), Boston (October 2019) and in England (November 2019). In that same year, she pioneered the Movies n’ Makers programme that focuses on film education in secondary schools and communities.

Leslie Ann holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Human Resource Management, is a certified Etiquette Consultant from The Etiquette Institute, Missouri and lectures in Public Speaking, Event Management and Wedding Planning.
Having been a driving force and backbone of numerous productions, Leslie Ann is excited to bring her vast experience and knowledge to embrace an inclusive industry and engineer a path for the community to showcase our talents to the world.

“I am thrilled to begin this journey and look forward to what it has in store for all creatives,” stated Leslie-Ann. “Trinidad and Tobago has a historical love affair with the cinematic experience and in thinking about a post covid on screen media world, the intention is to encourage persons from all communities to tell their stories so that we can collectively be inclusive. By combining film, fashion, music, animation and theatre, filmmakers can engage the world and reignite a demand across all visual platforms. There is marketability in our indigenous stories and stories imbued with Caribbean products, culture and intoxicating landscapes will act as a unique selling point adding to our screen tourism.’

I share with you publicly what was provided in these interviews for everyone especially those in the upcoming and seasoned in the film, television, and entertainment industries and those who were unable to attend through my private invitation. My desire for you that you and I learn from these series I am providing to you, remember your why purpose for wanting to be in the entertainment/film industry and leverage it to help you pivot towards the future as you work during and post COVID-19.


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